Focusing on the individual student and personalising pathways, The Studio School is an independent Year 10-12 coeducational campus in Fremantle that offers an alternative to mainstream schooling structures and systems through a studio model that sees students combining their studies with real-world projects and engagements in order to achieve their WACE and, if desired, an ATAR.

learning plans

TSS crafts bespoke learning programs tailored to each student's unique interests and abilities, which is a significant differentiator from the one-size-fits-all approach often seen in mainstream schools. This personalised approach can potentially lead to increased engagement and an enriched learning experience.


a Studio School staff member helping a student.

Mentorship and Support

The school provides strong mentoring support, ensuring that students of all ability levels receive highly individualised attention and the necessary assistance to thrive.


Flexible Curriculum with Diverse Opportunities

With a commitment to providing diverse learning pathways, TSS offers a range of pathways and community projects, allowing students to achieve their Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) and, if desired, an ATAR alongside skills that can prepare them for the world beyond school.


a Studio School student doing a science experiment looking into a test tube.
three Studio School students sitting on a couch infront of a window on their laptops.

Engagement with Community

The emphasis on fostering curiosity, creativity, and a passion for learning creates an environment that encourages holistic development as individuals, allowing students to positively impact the world.


Studio School students walking to class
Studio School Students and staff in the classroom.
three Studio School students sitting on the ground brainstorming on a big piece of paper.
Studio School students and a staff member sitting on the floor brian storming on a big peice of paper.