This scholarship is for new students looking to enter The Studio School in 2025 in Year 10 or 11
Applications open: Monday 15 April 2024
Applications close: Friday 17 May 2024

The Studio School’s Scholarship Program exists for two reasons: to acknowledge excellence and to support a community characterised by diversity – diversity of abilities and talents, interests, backgrounds and so on. The Program recognises students who will make a strong and positive contribution to The Studio School community.

TSS celebrates students who are curious and creative problem-solvers and problem-posers. Committed to our vision - Making a Positive Difference in our World - TSS particularly celebrates students committed to applying their enquiring mind, talents and interests, passions, and energy to add value to their community / ies.

Our scholarships are, therefore, awarded to students who can demonstrate their:

•  curiosity and creativity;
•  commitment to problem-solving for the betterment of the community;
•  initiative and drive;
•  sound academic progress.

(Please note that we may award at least one scholarship to a student for whom TSS’s tuition fees are prohibitive: financial documents will therefore be requested if you check this box on the application form and if your child is shortlisted for the scholarship.)

The scholarships offer 50% remission on TSS’s academic tuition fee, although this may be varied according to the the family’s circumstances.

Applications must include:
•  Completed Application Form
•  The applicant’s most recent (semester) report from their current school
•  The applicant’s responses to the questions in Appendix A (see Application Form)
•  Hardcopy or digital portfolio demonstrating the applicant’s curiosity and creativity; commitment to problem-solving for the betterment of the community; and initiative and drive.
•  Copy of the applicant’s birth certificate (not original)
Scholarship applications for 2022 are now closed.