Each TSS student has a bespoke program that is designed around his/her specific interests and abilities. The unique mentoring support provided by TSS staff means that programs and support can be differentiated for all ability levels - from those students who need additional support to those who are gifted in particular domains.

Given the bespoke nature of each program for each individual student, all students have an individual learning plan that details:

All students at TSS will achieve a WACE upon completion of their individual learning plan. While TSS students may engage on campus in a range of General, VET and endorsed programs, they can also achieve an ATAR, if desired.

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My daughter is a completely different person. She absolutely loves ‘school’ – she wants to be there first in the mornings and is happy to be the last to leave. Her mentors have excelled in what they do. They have mentored her and have grown her self-belief and confidence. It’s been a remarkable transformation and we are so thankful and happy our daughter secured a place at TSS. Thank you to Esther, Cat, Laura and all the Leadership Team.
Nathan - TSS Parent