Focusing on the individual student and personalising pathways, The Studio School offers an alternative to mainstream schooling structures and systems through a studio model that sees students combining their studies with real-world projects and engagements in order to achieve their WACE and, if desired, an ATAR.

Empowering Students to Make a Positive Difference.

With a shared vision of making a positive difference in our world, the alternative schooling methods offered by The Studio School provides the opportunity for students to make a positive difference through celebrating and tapping into their difference, diversity, skills and interests, enabling every student to flourish through contributing to and engaging with the real world in meaningful ways.

Our Mission and Vision

At The Studio School, our mission is to support our unique and diverse young people to flourish through co-designed and personalised pathways that support them to recognise and apply their abilities to contribute to, and effect, meaningful change in the world.

Our vision is clear: to make a positive difference in the world.

Measuring Success Beyond Academics with Innovative Learning

The Studio School redefines educational success, focusing on each student's unique journey. We offer alternative schooling structures with our studio model. This innovative method combines studies with real-world projects, equipping students for the complexities of a VUCA* world. Here, success is measured not just by academic milestones, but also by developing essential life skills such as collaboration, organisation, creativity, and problem-solving.

*volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous

Building Community Connections through Engagement and Experience

Community engagement is at the heart of The Studio School. We encourage students to learn from a wide range of experiences and individuals, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to contribute positively to the world. Our learning ecosystem is meticulously designed to nurture well-rounded individuals prepared to excel in tertiary education and their future careers, emphasising authentic and meaningful learning experiences.

a Studio School staff member helping a student.

Diverse Perspectives that Celebrate Individuality

The Studio School is dedicated to celebrating the diversity and uniqueness of each student. We believe in empowering our students to add value to their communities by embracing their differences. Our approach to education provides a seamless transition into tertiary learning and the professional world, ensuring that learning is not just educational but also relevant and impactful.

The Studio School enables its students to experience education as seamless transition into the world of work and tertiary learning; connected tothe real world, authentic and purposeful.


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TSS has changed our daughter’s life, outlook on life and how she feels about going to school. 

We have never had a child feel excited to go to school after the school holidays, until now. Besides the fact that she is attending school, having productive days and learning, she is happy, content, confident and navigating her way through adolescence in such a positive way and a big reason is because she feels heard and supported at TSS! She travels for 3 hours to and back from school and never complains about it. 

Thank you to the unbelievable staff & the program at TSS for giving her the many opportunities to shine bright like the star she is. 
Ian & Arden - TSS Parents

History Of The Studio School Location

The Studio School students enjoy the proximity of the campus to the vibrant heart of Fremantle which is ideally located for external opportunities, excursions, incursions and community projects. The Studio School program revolves around instruction in the classroom spaces and collaborative and creative work in the co-working spaces. This is very similar to many contemporary learning spaces in schools.

The central area of TSS is the co-working space which includes precincts. Around this central workspace there are several meeting spaces in which students engage in explicit instruction in groups and/or individually, as well as workstations for focused individual work and online learning.