Andy scholarship for the 2024 AFS Global STEM Academy
March 26, 2024

Andy Selected for 2024 AFS Global STEM Academy Scholarship

We are delighted to announce that Andy has been selected as a scholarship recipient for the 2024 AFS Global STEM Academy in India. 

Out of nearly 6,000 highly-qualified applicants from over 15 countries, Andy stood out to the admissions committee, earning him one of the coveted 150 spots for this year's cohort. Andy is the only participant travelling from Australia.  

About the 2024 AFS Global STEM Academy Scholarship

The AFS Global STEM Academies are full-scholarship intercultural exchange programs for teens aged 15–17 who are interested in Sustainability, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths), and social impact.  

Andy's interest lies in sustainability and renewable energy and he emphasised the importance of learning from India's transition to renewable energy sources.   

"In Australia, we still rely on fossil fuels. In India, they are changing to renewable energy sources so it will be beneficial to learn about what India does and hopefully help change people's minds about how easy it is to make the shift. India doesn’t have as many resources as we do but are still able to do it."  

As part of the first phase of the program, Andy has been engaging in online modules, forum discussions, and live dialogue sessions, collaborating with peers from around the world under the guidance of certified AFS facilitators. He will have the opportunity to develop a social impact project. He will also create a capstone project, which will be validated and certified by AFS and the University of Pennsylvania Center for Social Impact Strategy.  

“The online modules have been really interesting so far and I have been able to interact with people from all across the world”, said Andy.  

The second part of the program will take Andy to India from 30 July to 27 August 2024. Here, he will immerse himself in real-life case studies on STEM and sustainability, further expanding his intercultural skills and knowledge.  

Andy's trip to Indore, voted the cleanest city in India for seven consecutive years, marks his first visit to the country. Expressing his excitement about the upcoming journey, Andy shared, "I am really excited to travel to India. I'm looking forward to learning new things which I can bring back to both Australia and other nations that are struggling. I'm also looking forward to helping people and making intercultural connections." 

“There are young people travelling to India, Brazil and Egypt as part of this program who come from many other countries including China, Japan, Trinidad and Tobago, Brazil, US, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Indonesia and Malaysia.  

“Travelling and learning from these other 15-17 year-olds will be a great experience as everyone has different backgrounds, faiths and cultures. Bringing all these people together is what AFS is all about,” he added.  

During his time in India, Andy will also work with local Indian teenagers, exploring new ideas to make change in their communities such as improving water cleanliness and access to other services.   

The Importance of Passion-Driven Learning

Andy expressed his gratitude towards The Studio School, noting that he couldn't have achieved this without the support of his teachers and peers.  

“Everyone at The Studio School has been so understanding with helping me through my journey towards achieving my scholarship in India. They have been very supportive and helpful and shown a real interest in my learning.”  

Reflecting on the significance of pursuing passions, Andy stressed its impact on mental health and learning, highlighting its role in opening minds and teaching valuable lessons.  

“Working on something I am passionate about helps me feel more motivates and gives me a sense of purpose,” he said.  

“It has also helped me see that I can do something significant while staying organised and completing my other school work.” 

What's next for Andy?

With a life-long passion to help people, Andy hopes to embark on a career that allows him to do just this. With plans to study nursing, Andy will head to the Health Science Hub next year in Year 12 to get a head start on this journey.  

“I want to help in countries that really need medical aid and be able to provide support to those in need who are suffering in conflict or famine. What I will learn throughout the program will help deepen my understanding of what people can go through but also provide ideas about how we can help change people's lives.”  

“Ever since I was little, I was interested in helping people and making change in the world.” 

We extend our congratulations to Andy on this incredible achievement. We have no doubt that he will make the most of this extraordinary opportunity and represent our school and country with distinction.   

We look forward to following his journey and eagerly await the insights and experiences he will bring back to our community. 

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