TSS Yr 11 student and TSS parent looking at an artwork created by another TSS Yr 11 at the Woodsons Arcade opening.
June 7, 2023

Freo’s Newest Creative Corridor – A TSS Project Partnership

A project partnership between The Studio School and Fremantle Street Gallery creator Rosslyn de Souza, recently saw the opening of a new art exhibition. ‘Becoming – Identities and New Beginnings’ in Freo’s newest creative corridor, Outside the Box gallery in Woodsons Arcade.

With the help of the Woodsons Arcade Custodians and Project Managers Lucy and Ash (two TSS students) the 30-meter arcade linking Adelaide and Cantonment Street has transformed into Woodsons Creative Corridor.

This concept brings together The Studio School, Fremantle DADAA, CBC Fremantle, Fremantle Library, John Curtin College of the Arts, Drawn Together, and the Art of Life, who will each be allocated 8 weeks per year for exclusive use of the arcade.

TSS students will manage the project, learning to liaise with artists and curators, promote exhibitions, and create and oversee schedules.

The first exhibition opened on the 15th of February showcasing artworks curated by the DADAA. The next exhibition opened on Tuesday the 4thof May. This exhibition was curated by TSS project leaders, Lucy and Ash and featured artworks created by TSS students.

This exhibition explores how a person may experience new beginnings and find their identity through change – a common theme for most students when they begin attending The Studio School.

Artworks created by Mia a Yr 11 at The Studio School

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