Avalean launches her own clothing brand uGroove
June 1, 2022

Meet Avalean

Launching her own clothing brand uGroove last year, Year 11student Avalean is an ambitious fashion designer with an interest in theMetaverse. Releasing a vibrant hoodie as its first piece, uGroove reflectsAvalean’s creativity and individuality. Here’s her story.

I always felt like I was different growing up – I didn’t fit the traditional school structure. My previous schooling experiences were never right for me, and I was at a point where my attendance had dropped quite substantially. It had me thinking “where to from here?”

I’ve always enjoyed being artistic, creative, and entrepreneurial, so when I found out about The Studio School (TSS) – a school that focuses on individualised and project-based learning – it felt like the perfect fit for me. The model of teaching and learning at TSS has completely changed my attitude toward school. TSS has given me the freedom and flexibility to take my brand uGroove to the next level, whilst still completing subjects that will enable me to complete and graduate Year 12. It really is a dream come true!


My passion is without a doubt fashion. Whether it be researching brands and collections, watching vintage runway shows, scrolling second-hand sites, creating and curating outfits, or sketching new ideas for uGroove, it is a part of my daily routine.


I started uGroove last year, with my mum’s help, before starting at TSS. My interest in fashion stems from mum who has always had a love for clothing and creativity and shared that love with me. The best part about having my own brand is being able to express myself through my designs.


My designs are currently printed on hoodies, but I’m also in the process of creating t-shirts and other products. My dream is to further develop my brand by learning to make and market a variety of clothing pieces.


Beyond my years at TSS I hope to complete an internship with a brand I admire and become a full-time fashion designer. I’m fascinated with digital fashion and designing clothes for the Metaverse (a network of 3D virtual worlds), so I would like to learn more about that growing area of fashion too.


TSS has supported me with my brand and love of fashion in so many ways. I am given dedicated time each day to be able to sketch and brainstorm ideas for uGroove. TSS Leaders call this ‘Passion Project’ time. However, I think the most helpful support TSS provides its students is connecting them with industry mentors. Through TSS I have been introduced to several mentors who have a wealth of knowledge in the retail and fashion space. I am currently in contact with the founder of Common Ground Collective who has agreed to be my mentor. It is awesome to be supported by someone with so much expertise and experience – I have so much to learn!


I love coming to TSS every day because it’s the perfect learning environment for me. I can be myself whilst learning in a style that is tailored to my needs and passions. It also offers flexibility whilst  providing the structure and support needed to succeed.  I feel like schools are always encouraging individuality but at TSS they actually live and breathe it. Being able to work on projects I am passionate about during a school day whilst completing my secondary education is so rewarding.


It feels like a family hereat TSS – I love the fact that the community of students is small and we are given so much independence (like the chance to head off-campus for some lunch or project work). It is very empowering.


Follow Avalean’s brand uGroove on Instagram: @ugroove_too

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