TSS Staff Member and Parent Shaking Hands
February 27, 2024

Welcoming our 2024 families at TSS Sundowner

Earlier this year we celebrated a memorable evening for The Studio School community as parents and staff congregated at the Old Courthouse in Fremantle for our eagerly anticipated Sundowner Event. This gathering was a vibrant celebration of our community's spirit, underscored by an ambiance of camaraderie and warmth that only TSS can foster. We welcomed our new families joining TSS in 2024 and reconnected with existing TSS families.

The Old Courthouse, with its rich history and unique charm, provided the perfect backdrop for our community to come together, connect and reconnect, nuturing the sense of belonging and community spirit that is the hallmark of TSS.

Parents and staff shared stories, celebrated achievements, and discussed future aspirations of TSS. It was a reminder of the shared values and collective vision that bring us together, making our community stronger and more vibrant.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who joined us, contributing to the event's success and the magical atmosphere.

We look forward to hosting more events that bring our community together throughout the year.

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