July 8, 2024

Where are they now? Chelbe Hill (Class of 2022)

The Studio School caught up with alumna Chelbe Hill (Class of 2022) for a Q&A session before she embarked on a solo expedition around Europe’s Mediterranean coast this year.  

Chelbe joined TSS for her final year of schooling and was part of our inaugural Class of 2022 graduates. Below, she reflects on her experience at the School, updates us on what she’s up to now, and shares her advice for current TSS students.


1. What have you been up to since graduating from TSS? I have started a Bachelor of Arts double degree in International Aid and Sustainable Development at Murdoch University. I also work in Early Childhood Education as a casual educator, which I am very passionate about.

2. Tell us about your upcoming travel plans. This year, I am solo travelling Europe’s Mediterranean coast. I have been learning a few different languages and am very excited to immerse myself in the different cultures. I am also very excited about volunteering with marine life in Greece! 

3. What was your custom learning program at TSS? When I joined TSS in Year 12, I took three subjects: Maths, English, and Careers and Enterprise. My favourite subject was English, as I could incorporate themes of social and environmental issues. I also attended TAFE two days a week and now have a Certificate IV in Education Support, which gives me an ATAR equivalent. 

4. How do you feel TSS prepared you for the future? I think TSS helped me form organisational and management habits. The Ikigai philosophy was a really important part of my learning at the School. It helped me find out what I really care about and allowed me to start thinking about how I could create a career out of it. I have definitely become a much more confident learner, team player and individual. 

5. What are your top memorable experiences from TSS? My passion projects were a highlight of my time at TSS. I learnt about plant anatomy and medicinal properties when making my flora book and created posters explaining sustainable lifestyles for students and staff. I also pitched the idea (with a team) of ‘Greening TSS’. This was an idea to get plants and eventually a garden on the terrace out the back and create an outdoor chill-out space. 

I also loved our opportunities to volunteer with the community. We planted coastal natives in the dunes of South Beach and did a beach clean-up and audit with Sea Shepherd. I would also say Yvette, Esther, and my other teachers were absolutely amazing, and I am very grateful for the personalised teaching/learning opportunity they provided me. 

6. What will you do upon your return from your gap year? I will return to university to start my second year, Semester 2, 2025. Until then, I want to get my foot in the door to work with plants and wildlife and explore holistic healing. 

7. Do you have any advice you would pass on to current TSS students? I would advise them to make the most out of passion projects, not be afraid to do new things, and share their ideas with their peers because they could end up with even greater innovation. 

Also, be kind and build positive relationships with your peers and the staff; we are all human and go through some difficult times, so take it easy on yourself and others. Allow yourself time to reset if you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, and don't be afraid to ask for help!


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